I started a blog in 2007, but even then, I wasn’t quite sure what to write about.  It just seemed cool to have a blog.  Then it became clear that no one was reading it.  Somehow that fact changed the experience for me.  Similar to the tree falling in the forest, “Was I writing a blog if no one, but me, was reading it?”

Fast forward to Fall 2011, I decided that I would write a professional blog since I had begun to follow all of these great math teachers on twitter and read their blogs.  I decided to get permission from my district which took a while, and then I took a while….and then I moved!  So as the summer meanders to a weird finish since I am not revving up for teaching, I saw a twitter post about the blog challenge. I thought it would be perfect to give it the go!

I have predominately been applying for positions locally which seems to take hours.  I am also trying to go a different direction, which means I have been applying at colleges.  On Friday, I applied for a position as a Saturday Academy Instructor with Upward Bound at Sonoma State.  Wow!  They wanted a course outline (written in engaging language), CA standard, assessment plan and cost of field trips!

I decided to go with the Common Core Standard F-IF.4 which is about interpreting functions.  It was strange to create a written  lesson plan for an unseen audience.  I found the “stacking cup” lesson on the internet (thankfully!).  Students have 5 styrofoam cups (upside down) and need to graph the function and estimate how many cups it takes to reach to the ceiling.  It is a great project to visualize slope and y-intercept.  I worked through this lesson at a workshop and loved how many componets it had.  The students can explore  “rate of change” with something physical.

Hmm…how do you end a blog post? TTFN